13 avenue de la République 94100 Saint-Maur des Fossés


Chirurgien-Dentiste spécialisée en parodontologie à Saint-Maur des Fossés

13 avenue de la République 94100 Saint-Maur des Fossés
13 avenue de la République 94100 Saint-Maur des Fossés

I have been practising medical periodontics for 10 years

I have been practising medical periodontics for 10 years now and I am dedicated to it exclusively.

It is a discipline that evolves regularly due to the progress of science. The examination of the oral

flora taken from the periodontal bags and examined under the electron microscope makes it possible

to make a relevant diagnosis and to establish a reliable treatment plan.

The use of the LASER, associated with lithotripsy techniques, is painless and non-invasive compared

to the surgeries or untimely curettages that I used to perform.

The LASER will both disinfect and bio-stimulate the periodontal tissues and allow their healing.

Lithotripsy allows the cleaning of the inside of the periodontal bags and the elimination of the tartar

that has formed there as well as the residues of micro-organisms present at the bottom of these


All this care is accompanied by rigorous hygiene and an exchange of information on the

contamination and the conditions necessary for this infection in order to allow healing.

As gums are always susceptible to re-infection, home care will be offered as well as a regular annual

or bi-annual check-up for people at risk (cardiac, diabetic, immunodepressed).